Sunday, January 31, 2016

Release Day...

Ebony Fight is out now!

Ebony Fight
(The Guard Duet #2)

A witch on the run...

After allying Lillian’s Ivory Guard, Becca is determined to round up more like-minded demons and Ebonys that could help in their fight against the old system. She knows her actions draw unwelcome attention and that she has to be careful now more than ever before.
So, is she foolish to trust Stone, the man who saves her brother's life - and stirs her blood?

A demon out to get her...

Stone is as cold and hard as his namesake. When he infiltrates a group of rebellious demons to find out how far the do-gooder attitude has spread, he doesn’t even blink at his orders to kill the leader. What he didn’t count on was Becca - the hot whirlwind turning his world and heart upside down. 

...and all hell breaks loose.


"Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for one roller coaster of ride. Herzer excels in storytelling and Ebony Fight is one doozy of story. Heaven and hell are about to do battle and boy are you taken along for the adventure."
- Beth from Tome Tender

"You must read this book."
- Montana, Goodreads reader

"...well-written fantasy that knits together a tale of bravery, change, trust and a budding romance looking for a new future."
- Dianne from Tome Tender

Friday, January 29, 2016

Tome Tender: Ebony Fight by Natalie Herzer (The Guard Duet, #2)

Thank you so much, Dianne for the wonderful review. I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

"Natalie Herzer’s Ebony Fight has become the latest gem at the top of my reading pile! Filled with unlikely allies, sworn enemies and an uphill battle for change, Ms. Herzer keeps the emotional tension taut as two dark souls discover the beauty of attraction and the tentative threads of trust in a harsh and deadly world. With a delightful cast of characters, fierce warriors and heart-wrenching loss, Natalie Herzer has created a world desperately in need of the hope that Becca and her allies provide with their own blood, sweat and tears while leading the reader safely through another adventure. Highly recommended if you like well-written fantasy that knits together a tale of bravery, change, trust and a budding romance looking for a new future."

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Friday, January 15, 2016