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Interview & Giveaway with Mario Saincic

As promised...

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing author Mario Saincic. 
Would you like to know what makes him tick? 
How this romance writer ended up with an urban fantasy novel that is already considered to paint a whole new face to the paranormal genre?
Then join us! :)

Q - What inspired you to step out of your comfort zone, the romance genre, and write an urban fantasy series?
Editor: “I bet you can’t write anything other than romance.”
Me: “I’m listening…”
Editor: “How about urban fantasy?”
Me: “Oh, why the hell not.”
And then I face palmed…

Q - What scene did you have the most fun writing?
Probably throwing Ukiyo in front of an oncoming train just to see how she reacts.

Q - Tell us about the cover and how it came about. Who designed it?
I had the idea of the London Eye, and Heart Covers simply took over and delivered a masterpiece.

Q - Do you edit your books or do you have someone doing it for you?
Write - read and rewrite - send off to editor while continuing - then wipe off the blood Honest and Brutal Edits sends back. This is a routine I follow with every 5 to 10k of words. When the book is complete, I do another read-through, send it off to beta readers, and then a final inspection from the team that bludgeons my words. Some may feel that this is time consuming, but it works for me.

Q - Tell us a bit about the everyday part of writing. Do you have rituals? Or a favorite time or place to write? Do you sit down and write every day? If so, do you try to reach a specific word count per day?
I go against the grain in all things I do. It is told to sit and write at least a certain amount of words per day, but with work and designs I am not always able to. My only routine is that when I sit down to write, I continue until I fall off my chair from exhaustion. This process is usually interrupted by a walk to gather my thoughts and put things in order.

Q - Are you a plotter or a pantser?
A plotting pantser.

Q - What do you think makes a great story?
Write what is inside without allowing yourself to be swayed by rules or trends. If you write about vampires and you want them to eat pink candy floss and wear yellow polka-dots, then bloody-well do it.

Q - Even though Ukiyo (Blud, #1) is an urban fantasy, you consider yourself a romance writer. What draws you to that genre?
Romance? I’m incurable. True love exists, but not the kind portrayed where people meet on Friday, shag on Saturday, and leave their current partners of many years on Sunday. Romance is about two people sorting their shit out, and not looking for the closest broom closet or motel room that will miraculously fix everything.

Q - How did it all start? What inspired you to write your first book?
I wrote from a young age, but after leaving school put it aside to venture into the blue yonder. Only much later, and after a sour part of my life, did I have the urge to put my thoughts down on paper. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Q - When did you first consider yourself a writer?
To be honest, at times I still battle with the idea that I am. I suppose I’d have to say it slapped me in the face when I started getting feedback and reviews from people I had never met before.

Q - What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating books?
That I can.

Q - How many books have you written? Does one in particular stand out?
Four, two of which I removed from Amazon in pursuit of traditional publishing. Like my princes, each is totally different. I created them and therefore none stand out more than the other.

Q - Do your works carry messages that you want the reader to grasp and remember?
I hope so.

Q - You pledged to donate 50% of your proceeds from My African Dream to help stop rhino poaching. Could you tell us more about it?
It is something I feel strongly about and God has given me the chance to help where I can. Although I have pledged 50%, I would gladly donate all proceeds if it in some way would make a difference.

Q - How do you think you’ve evolved creatively during your journey?
My entire outlook on life now has a canvas on which I can splash random colours.

Q - What are you working on now? What’s your next project?
The Blud series, first and foremost. In addition, there are romance novels nagging, and then a book about my father’s life. He is my mentor, a super hero, and his story needs to be told. I have also teamed up with a talented Italian illustrator for a series of children’s books I will be writing with my boys. This will take a while, though, seeing as I don't see them often.

Q - What is your favorite motivational phrase?
If someone pisses you off, write them into your story and give them hell. Feel happy? Write it. Basically…take everything around you and WRITE! And when in doubt - write more.

Q - And now, before you go, how about you choose a snippet from Ukiyo (Blud, #1) that is meant to intrigue and tantalize us:

“Trust me,” he said as his eyes searched hers. “Just turn and run.”  
Panic gripped Ukiyo. 
She stumbled forward as fast as she could, fighting the urge to stop and turn around. Years of sand blown in from the open sections of the tunnel network made the ground almost even, easier for her bare feet. A shot rang out, whizzed past her ear and ended against the wall with a dull thud. She ran.The air turned, swirled around her face, but instead of it coming from the skirmish behind her, she found herself running into it. The dark walls of the tunnel turned grey. Up ahead, not far away, she saw a light. The train sped forward and soon she made out the shape of a face in a lit cubicle. Wanting to give up, jump aside, she heard the man’s voice inside her head: trust me. 

Author: Mario Saincic
Date of Publication: June 18, 2015
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Archaeology professor by day, backup shooter by night…

On a routine assignment, Ukiyo finds herself dragged into a world of danger and deception when she is forced to pull the trigger and kill a man. Torn between the agency that funds her research and a man she knows nothing about, she has to choose sides in a secret war that dates back hundreds of years.

Guardian, protector, and her own personal demon…

Burislav vowed to watch over her, but hiding his cursed birth right ends up being a secret that could cost Ukiyo her life. When he’s forced out of the shadows after more than twenty years, keeping her safe isn’t as easy as he thinks.


Mario Saincic was born in South Africa and has a passion for life. Starting off in restaurant kitchens and ending up as an architectural designer, he has managed to turn his creativity into a career. Writing is one such desire, and there is hardly a day that goes by without characters sitting around discussing their lives with him. 

"Inspiration appears at the strangest of times, and we need to embrace it." 

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