Sunday, August 23, 2015

Part 2 of Mario Saincic's Interview with Damien Mander - The Cause

Part 2 of Mario Saincic's great interview with Damien Mander.
Check it out and find out how the IAPF helps stop rhino poaching.

If you want to help raise awareness for wildlife conservation, then keep posting and tweeting today:
"I #vote @IAPF to #UpgradeYourWorld!"
Mario Saincic's Interview with Damien Mander - The Cause
Following my previous post where we got to know a bit more about Damien Mander, the man who turned a calling into a selfless organisation, we continue by getting insight into the threat that rhino poaching has on the extinction of this species.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Mario Saincic's Interview with Damien Mander - The Man Behind A Cause

Mario Saincic keeps his promise and writes for a cause‬. He wants to help raise awareness, support organizations and keep rhinos from being poached.
Check out his inspiring ‪‎interview‬ with Damien Mander, founder of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF).
If you want to help this man and his mission, then tweet and post until August 23rd:
"I ‪#‎vote‬ @IAPF to keep ‪#‎rhinos‬ safe and to ‪#‎UpgradeYourWorld‬!"

Mario Saincic's Interview with Damien Mander - The Man Behind A Cause
Being fortunate enough to hear Dr Jane Goodall speak at Chimp Eden, South Africa, earlier in the year, I also met a man that demands attention. Not only is he tall and riddled with tattoos, but his mission and unselfish commitment to bringing an end to illegal wildlife trade is nothing short of inspirational.
Months later, Damien Mander gave of his time to conduct a Skype interview with me, and I would like to share it with all of you...

Friday, August 21, 2015

Kindle Countdown Deal for "Ivory Guard"

My new adult, paranormal romance Ivory Guard (The Guard Duet, #1) is available as a Kindle Countdown Deal until the 26th of August. 
At the moment it is 99cents, but that won't last much longer. ;)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Interesting IndieReCon Advice

Don’t Make These Mistakes that First-Time Self-Published Authors Make: Miral Sattar
At Bibliocrunch, I get a lot of authors coming to me for self-publishing advice. Over the last four years we’ve been in business, these are some of the most common mistakes I’ve seen.

 1) Having Vague Goals

The first thing you need to do as an author is define your goals. Are you looking to get more readers? Or looking to sell books? It’s easy to get more readers if you’re a first-time author, but it’s harder to sell books.

 2) Not Getting Your Work Professionally Edited

Once you’ve written your book, an editor is important. If your book needs a lot of work a developmental editor will evaluate and critique your manuscript, suggest and provide revisions and shape it into a smooth, workable piece. Next you might want to get a copy editor to catch any typos. It’s also helpful to make sure that your editor has edited works in your specific genre. You wouldn’t hire a non-fiction editor to edit your fantasy novel. Not getting your work professionally edited is like not testing a drug before it goes out into market.

 3) Not Hiring A Professional Cover Designer

People judge a book by a cover. They will judge how it looks on a black and white Kindle and how it looks on a tiny iPhone screen. It’s important that your cover design catch the reader at first sight. A mistake that a lot of authors make is they design the cover themselves. If you’re not a designer you should hire a designer. Before you hire a designer check out the designer’s portfolio to make sure your vision and your designer’s vision are the same and that they’ve worked on covers that are similar to your genre. Also, make sure that you have rights to use the images in the cover, and whether you own the cover designer or whether the designer does.
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