Thursday, January 15, 2015

Giveaway - "Valentine Romances" by Mario Saincic

Valentine Romances by Mario Saincic
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense and Adventure
Date of Publication: December 1, 2014

Valentine Romances is a three-in-one book deal that you shouldn't miss...not only is it a must read but it also supports a great cause. 
Author Mario Saincic pledges to donate 50% of the proceeds to rhino conservation!!!
Safe the African buying a book!

BOOK ONE: Infirmity 
Linda Crane is hard working and focussed. She is, however, haunted by a past of childhood abuse and a failed marriage. Returning home out of duty, she runs into the only light bright enough to make all her shadows disappear. 
Marc Divanti, a free-spirited guitarist, has a good life. But something is missing. Years travelling abroad without finding what he was looking for, he is swept off his feet when he meets the love of his life. 
Marc and Linda battle to discover ordained love, face forces passed down from generations, inherited infirmities set on keeping them apart. 
Will they survive the path of discovery, a realisation that love is a choice? 

BOOK TWO: Seasons 
Jessica Baxter leaves the city of Ft. Worth behind and accepts an offer to work on a wine farm on the Italian island of Sardinia. Excited at the prospect, she doesn't expect to get stranded on her first day. Her life takes a peculiar turn when a British architect reluctantly offers to help. 
Graeme Di Marco moved from the glamour of London in search of a peaceful life for his family. Soon after he arrives on the island, tragedy strikes and he ends up raising a high spirited six-year-old by himself. Not only is the guilt he carries for his wife's death all consuming, he now has to put up with an American that's full of sass. 
Graeme and Jess battle to get along, but little do they know that his father and daughter are playing cupid behind the scenes. Nastassja, the little girl, sprinkles her magic and the two of them soon fall in love; but will the memory of his loss drive them apart? 
Seasons is a story about finding love when you least expect it. Pain fades, but how long does it take for a tear to dry? 

BOOK THREE: My African Dream 
My African Dream finds Millicent Cramer in the heart of Kenya, a world she only ever dreamed about. Even her wildest imagination could not have prepared her for life on African soil, but what she experienced there changed her life forever. She found the harsh beauty overwhelming; the people comforting; and even found love…but the biggest thing she discovered was a purpose for her life - a calling far beyond anything she had experienced before.

My rating and review of Seasons by Mario Saincic: 

After reading the first chapter I knew I was in trouble; I couldn't put the book down and had to read it in one day. Mario Saincic's style of writing is very welcoming and pulls you in with the first sentence - and won't let you go.A story unfolds that is filled with dreams and fears and that sweet hope that love can be found when we least expect it. Subtle, sweet and strong, it was a journey I loved to embark on.The characters are loveable and so easy to relate to because they are so real you simply have to laugh with them and feel with them. Especially want to see an angel in action? Well then, read this!

Excerpt...taken from Seasons:

"Pain fades, but how long does it take for a tear to dry?"

This was another sign of her growing up, a realisation that she wouldn’t be my little girl for ever. Previously I would knock twice and walk in, but the last few weeks she made it clear that I couldn’t do that anymore.
“Okay, you can come in now” she said.
“Here’s your towel” I said as I opened the door, my hand covering my eyes.
“It’s okay, I’m covered in bubbles.”
“Don’t worry sweety, I’ll put this down and leave.”
“You can sit. I want to chat” she said.
“About what?”
“What kind of things?”
“Just things.”
There was a long standing rule in the house. If somebody had something to say, we would put time aside for it; not the usual run of the mill stuff about who said what and when, but the kind of talking that started with ‘I want to chat.’
“But we’re in the bathroom; can’t we do this at dinner?”
“No. Mommy always said that if you want a man’s undivided attention, you spoke while in the bath. So, do I have your attention?”
“Yes, yes you do” I answered, smiling at her pouted lips.
Looking at her was like seeing a smaller version of her mother. She sang as she washed, and it brought back memories of the two of them bathing together.
“So what would you like to talk about?” I asked.
“Just things.”
“Nastassja, you might have my attention, but mommy also told you to keep a man interested in your conversation otherwise he will either fall asleep or walk away.”
“But you won’t walk away from me?”
“No, sweetheart, never.”
“Well then that’s settled, you have to stay.”
Moments like these were special, a time to leave the outside world on the doorstep. I would often stand in the corridor listening to the two women in my life as they spoke. Sometimes I was the topic, and other times not. The best was when Nastassja asked Olivia what it would be like when she grew up, and what kind of man she would meet some day. It always warmed me when she said ‘I want a husband like my daddy.’
“Yes?” I answered.
“Do you like Jessica?”
Knowing that she was not my father and couldn’t easily be put aside with a simple ‘basta,’ I got off the stool and sat on the bathroom floor. Straightening my legs and leaning against the door, I saw her little face peering at me over the rim.
“Well?” she asked, eyes fixed on me.
“She’s okay” I said.
“Just okay?”
“Sweety, why do you ask?”
“Well” she paused, “I think she likes you.”
“And why do you say that?”
“Well” she said, pausing again, “she seems to smile a lot when she’s around you. Other times she seems a bit sad. Did you know she paints?”
“No, I didn’t know she paints” I said.
“Probably not as good as mommy, but it’s a start.”
“A start for what?”
“Nothing” she said, lowering her head.
Trying to remember anything out of the ordinary, I played the first days we met over in my mind. Yes she was full of fire, and in a way a bit cheeky, but I never noticed any sign of interest. Jessica was a long way from home, far from family and friends, and I took her pleasant tone to be a way of trying to fit in. What if she was interested in me? The thought scared me a bit.
“Yes, Nastassja?”
“I like her.”


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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking back on 2014

The new year is knocking on our doors...and it's time to say goodbye to the old one. 
But first, let's have a look at what 2014 taught us. This year was a journey that held a lot of changes and challenges for me. Some of them expected...others not really.

2014 started with me moving to Ireland. A country I had always dreamed of visiting - what writer wouldn't, right? 

Green hills, dark beer and...yes, gray skies. 
It turned out to be a place I needed to go to, to find myself and wonderful friends along the way. Friends who left a mark, helped me, and that I hope will accompany me through the next year as well no matter the geographical distance between us. They came into my life when I least expected it but needed them the most and for that I will be forever grateful.

Thanks for coming into my life... a vibrant woman that will inspire every female character I write in the future. They will hold a piece of her charm, wit or beautiful spirit. Bubbling with life, she is a ray of sunshine. a fellow writer. Authors always have the tendency to use more words than are actually needed. This one showed me just how powerful one simple word can be. another woman who stepped into my life recently and with whom I share a passion for words and photography.

To all of you...
Thank you for being there...
and I wish you a healthy and Happy New Year!

As for books, my other best friends...
I was happy to publish Ivory Guard (The Guard Duet #1) early in February, and although that means only one publication this year, but happily working on Ebony Fight (The Guard Duet #2). The experiences this year brought will surely benefit my writing and therefore your reading pleasure in the year to come. Speaking of pleasure, I'm very glad that H and B Edits accepted a big project I've been dreaming of for quite some time now - together we are busy editing all of my books!
Yay! Quite an interesting way to start the new year with blood dripping from the freshly edited pages. ;)

Just as I thought these are quite a lot of changes and projects to work on, little did I know that the biggest one was yet to come.
I packed my bags called...and I went to South Africa.

So with a bit of rain as my faithful companion, I left Ireland, sat down on a plane and watched Dublin disappear from land some time later in a warm Johannesburg.

The wild beauty and people I have met there, quickly wormed their way into my heart. Oh...and not to forget the food and wine, of course! ;)

Those of you who have followed me know that I'm quite the wanderer. I suffer from itchy feet. However I have always believed that one day I would find the place I've been homesick for.

I think I was right, and I discovered that home has a heartbeat.

Cherishing that new-found knowledge, I'm visiting my family for the holidays before I return, and hope that you are with loved ones too - be it family, friends or your favorite book buddies.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!
Last but not least...a short list of songs that marked some of the changes or inspired me this year:
Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

Free by Rudimental ft. Emeli Sandé

Maybe by Birdy

Get It Started by Pitbull ft. Shakira

Interlude by London Grammar

...and a list of books that opened my eyes, touched my heart or that I simply couldn't let go of:
by Mario Saincic
(Contemporary Romance)
My African Dream
by Mario Saincic

(Romantic Suspense)
by Sandra Brown

(Historical Romance)
The Demon Trappers
by Jana Oliver

(Young Adult Paranormal)
The Emperor's Edge
by Lindsay Buroker


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Today I will let pictures speak for me...
because I'm too stuffed to move from all the food. ;)

Merry Christmas everyone!

After eating all the food and sweets, go for a walk and, if you are lucky, enjoy the world covered in a soft, sparkling blanket of snow.

Or just grab a cup of glühwein and relax. ;)

Whatever you do and wherever you are...
enjoy this time with your loved ones. Cherish them!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Specials

It's that time of the year...
when you worry what to buy and where best to hunt for the right presents...
for simple things that are trendy and chic but that won't burn a bottomless hole in your wallet.

Here are two great offers and ideas for all the bookworms out there:
Author friend Mario Saincic is offering his 3 five-star-rated romances in 1 great Christmas bundle
Yes, you read right: 3 books in 1...
and for only $9.99!
Be it real glimpses of family life, heart-warming romance or fast-paced suspense...there's something for everyone.
And to top it all off, 50% of author proceeds will go to rhino conservation 
- that means you will get a moving reading experience and help a great cause at the same time!

my own NA paranormal romance Ivory Guard will be available for only $0.99
I know after Mario's offer mine seems a bit...flat
...and he has the better banner too. *sigh*

Oh well, I'll give you the purchase links anyway. ;)