Monday, January 21, 2013

Writer's Mud

What the hell is writer's mud?

You all probably know about writer's block...well, writer's mud is similar - has the same result, namely nothing on the page - and is something I'm currently struggling with. 
It's when my head is so filled up with ideas that I can't concentrate on a single one. When I'm writing a story I want to give it my best, my undivided attention...but writer's mud keeps me from doing exactly that. 
At first when it starts you think it's great, you have so many ideas and start plotting down a couple of stories...and then when you want to start can't concentrate...your mind is flitting from one story to the next and back.
I'm stuck with ideas...that come crashing down on me like a mudslide.
It's really weird.

What to do?
How to ride it out?
I note down the an effort to clear my head. Besides, I might need them someday. They can always serve as inspiration when the muse is on vacation.
And then some discipline...pick the story that I'm most into and concentrate on only that one...and finish it. That's my plan, at least in theory. 
In practice?

We shall see...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 - How is it going so far?

Happy New Year, everyone!

Whatever you did or didn't do...I hope you had a great time seeing the New Year in. 

At the stroke of midnight there's this little pang in my chest and I miss my family...miss that I couldn't watch "Dinner for One" (yeah, I know it's something apparently only Germans can laugh about) with them and do other stuff we usually do on New Year's Eve. 

Well, now there's my first New Year's resolution right there...

Spend the next New Year's Eve with my family or at least try to visit them as often as possible. ;)

Though technically I'm not big on resolutions they kind of pop up anyway. So here's the rest of them...

2.) Publish at least two books. 
And maybe write a third one, the one that has been on my mind for too long. The one that is another genre and therefore my little baby and challenge.

3.) Discover and meet new writers and readers and friends! 
Think out of my usual genre-box and read at least one book that's completely different.

4.) Live the moment. 
Don't think too much about the bad stuff and the mistakes; when you learned from them, move on and waste no time. Concentrate on the good stuff.
Just...have fun!

Oh, and get rid of that pesky and totally rude and uninvited guest still hanging around - the flu.

So that's it for me...I think these resolutions might actually be manageable contrary to stuff like 'go for a run right on Jan 1 to start loosing all the Christmas-pounds'. Don't  even need to  scratch it from my list since it's so futile I didn't even put it there.  ;) 

How are your resolutions doing? Given up on them?

Wish you an interesting year 2013