Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Patroness Fantasy Cast

Ever come out of the movies a little disappointed over the cast chosen for your favorite book character?
I certainly have.

This time you might be disappointed in me, in my choice for the fantasy cast for The Patroness Series – Maiwenn and Kylian. But hey, it’s fantasy we’re talking about which means we can always change stuff. ;)

Let’s have a look.

As Kylian – Ian Somerhalder. 

I had a little trouble with this one but in the end it’s the eyes that got to me. Especially the last's exactly like I imagined Kylian's tiger to stare at you.
Really, with those eyes of his there couldn’t have been a better choice, at least in my opinion. 
However I’m open to your suggestions.

As Maiwenn – beautiful Melanie Laurent. 

You might have seen her in Tarantino’s “Inglorious Bastards”. I didn’t even need a lot of thinking on this one. Melanie was Maiwenn for me…kinda right from the start.

But what do you think???
Any other ideas?