Wednesday, July 3, 2013

BMR Read-and-Review-it Giveaway!!!

As you may have noticed I'm offering Blue Moon Rising, book 1 in The Patroness Series for FREE in exchange for an honest review.

To enter the giveaway just fill out the form here or  contact me via Twitter, Facebook or Goodreads.

Thanks to my author friend Leanne Crabtree (check out her Shifter Romance!) who was kind enough to proofread BMR, I'm giving away the new and revised edition!!!  

Maiwenn Cadic doesn’t have a quiet and normal life. 
This week won’t be any different.

Being the Patroness of Paris and protecting its inhabitants is a full time job but unfortunately it doesn’t pay the bills and so Maiwenn tries her best to make a living as a down-on-her luck private eye for odd cases.

When five shapeshifters end up dead, she knows it’s bad news and has to call in The Council. They immediately send their assassin Kylian ‘The Killer’ Tremaine – a typical shapeshifter who doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and seems to see everything female as a damsel in distress which Maiwenn is really not. 

Together they will not only have to overcome their prejudices and obstacles in the form of a trigger-happy bounty hunter and a hungry rogue, but they will also have to trust each other in order to solve the murder before more bodies pile up.

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