Sunday, July 14, 2013


...I don't know why, but they make my heart ache. I love watching those bursts of color explode like flowers in the night sky. One moment they are there almost within arm's reach and then ... they whisper away.

It's the 14th of July, the French National Day or Bastille Day, which commerates not only the storming of the Bastille (1789) but also the unity of France (Fête de la Fédération, 1790).
Last night was a time for celebration and fireworks. It was absolutely beautiful, and suprising that a small town like the one I now live in actually organizes a half-hour long pyrotechnic masterpiece.

Speaking of fireworks...
a quote from "The Hunt is On" on Goodreads:

“I never felt so...argh and grrr and hmmm before."
Pauline laughed. "That's a good one."
I glared at her, throwing a croissant at her as a punishment. Which she caught. Hmpf.
"I can't describe it. I'm not a poet."
Remembering yesterday, the kisses and the heat, I answered without hesitation, "Bombs.”  

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