Saturday, November 9, 2013


Today I thought it’s time to write about something else…not the usual book stuff, just something different that’s on my mind - though to be honest it still is a bit book related.

I’m thinking about cars.
You might wonder why.
I’m not a car expert or fanatic or anything. But…I do appreciate nice ones.
That might be thanks to my older brother, with whom I played around with matchbox cars when we were young and later NeedForSpeed (and other (racing) games) on our PlayStation. ;)

1972 Dodge Challenger 
©2008-2013 AmericanMuscle
Anyway, I was browsing through the internet for a nice shot of a first generation Dodge Challenger since my Ivory Guard drives in one and therefore I wanted to put up a picture on The Guard Duet Blog for you. While deciding on which car they would drive (though I quickly decided on the Dodge since I love it – although I’ve unfortunately never driven in one), I remembered a friend of mine and I talking about classic cars, especially American, not so long ago. It had me wondering which one I’d go for.
Well…since I’m a goner for pony and muscle cars I’d lean immediately towards those. 
And while the 50s and 60s have seen great ones, I really like the early 70s models. They have big mouths and this square and defying look to them; they are long and wide - and yet also...curvy.

Sam and Dean have their Impala, Damon his Camaro and Terrible his Cheville. But if I could choose, I’d definitely take the ‘72 Dodge Challenger - or a ’70 Oldsmobile 442 if it were in blue. ;) 
1970 Oldsmobile 442
As for my friend…well, since we didn’t get to finish our conversation I have to take a guess and, sticking with muscle cars, allow myself to say that a red ‘70 Buick Gran Sport 455 would suit you. ;)

1970 Buick Gran Sport 455

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