Friday, December 20, 2013

The Patroness - Paperback Launch

*jumping up and down*

It's happening.
After a lot of formatting and several proof copies I was finally satisfied with the result and on December 17 I hit the Publish button. Apparently Amazon still needs some time to connect the paperback and Kindle Edition but here are the paperback links:

Regarding the prizing, I tried my best and it's as low as CreateSpace allows it to be. I will only get about 50cents per copy but I feel weird to demand more for it seeing as I'm not an established author. Besides, the main reason I decided to publish a dead-tree-version of The Patroness Novels was to give readers who prefer the 'real thing' a chance to discover them - and of course, I couldn't resist the opportunity to have my own books in print and in my hands. ;)

Anyway, being an indie auhtor I totally enjoyed taking care of everything myself - the cover, the description, the spine, not to mention the interior. Using CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform was interesting and at times frustrating (concerning the formatting, not the site) , but in the end I can say I did this:

I'm still reeling from the feeling of having my own books in my own two hands. Christmas really has come early! ;)
Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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