Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ivory Guard GIVEAWAY with Pure Jonel - And the Winners are...

Gift Card: 
Amanda S.

Cary M.
Beth H. 
Dianne B. 
& Madeline L.

Thank you all for participating and spreading the word!!!

A big thanks goes out to Jonel for her 5 star review of Ivory Guard and, of course, for organizing the giveaway. Ever since we 'met' I knew you were Wonder Woman - because I have no idea how else you're doing it. The reading (over 500 books last year!!!) and reviewing stuff isn't even all of it. Whenever we work together, you make me feel as if we had all the time in the world - and not like your calendar is stuffed and your TBR pile a mile high. No pressure, just fun and our love for books.
Your dedication and patience are marvelous!
I'm so looking forward to working with you again!

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