Friday, March 14, 2014

Ivory Guard - Top100

Ivory Guard is in Amazon's Top100 Paranormal Angel Romances!!!
Almost fell off my chair when I saw that!
Thanks to all the readers!!! I'm still struggling between jumping up and down and blinking my eyes. This just feels great, even if it should just be for an hour or two!

Thank you guys, you made my day, my week, my month...


  1. Well done, Natalie! Feels great, doesn't it?
    My debut popped in and out of the top 100 Epic Fantasies for its first 5 months, more in than out, and although its dropped well down now, I still have those screenshots stored to remind myself that it really did happen.
    Fingers crossed yours stays there for a good long time yet

    1. Thanks Deborah!
      Yes, it does feel great. I had to look twice to make sure I didn't offer it for free and that it wasn't in a Top100 of FREE books. :) I couldn't believe it, and, yes, just like you I made the screenshot to remind myself it really did happen! :)