Sunday, March 30, 2014

The choice is yours - Facing Shadows vs Ebony Fight

After slowly settling in here in Ireland, I had a look at how Ivory Guard (The Guard Duet #1) was doing, especially in the USA, and it had me wondering which one of my books you are actually looking foward to the most. Facing Shadows or Ebony Fight
More of the Patroness...or the Ivory Guard?
Hmmm, guess it's time for a poll.

The choice is up to you!!!
Have a look at the poll in the right sidebar and help me figure out what book to publish first. :)

Facing Shadows (The Patroness #3)

The Turn has hit and magic rules the world once more, and Maiwenn and her friends have to face the chaos and the changes it brings.

Surely it can’t get worse, right?
Oh, yes it can.

When once again Morgan is out for revenge and after Maiwenn, Death is more than intrigued and sticks his nose in. Wanting to put an end to this feud once and for all he decides to put Maiwenn to the test.
The agreed reward: she may live.
A lethal obstacle course begins...


Ebony Fight (The Guard Duet #2)
A witch on the run

After allying herself with Lillian’s Ivory Guard, Becca is determined to round up more like-minded demons and Ebonys that could help in their fight against the old system. She knows her actions draw unwelcome attention and that she has to be careful now more than ever before.
So is she foolish to trust Stone, the man who saves her life - and stirs her blood?

A demon out to get her

Stone is as cold and hard as his namesake. When he is ordered to infiltrate a group of rebellious demons to find out how far the do-gooder attitude has spread and to kill their leader, he doesn’t even blink. What he didn’t count on was Becca - the hot whirlwind turning his world and heart upside down.

…and all hell breaks loose.

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