Sunday, April 13, 2014

Facing Shadows vs Ebony Fight - The Winner is...

urm...*scratching my head* ...I wish I knew.
Apparently you're as undecided as I am since the poll ended in a draw. :)

Well, I guess, I'll let my muse, or simply my inspiration, decide for me. I'll keep you posted and will try my best to keep the Events & Release Schedule section as up to date as possible.

In the meantime, I hope you'll be glad to hear that I'm overhauling my budget (a squeeze here and a pinch there) to allow for an editor. 
Even though I love English, it's not my native tongue, and those of you who have read my book(s), know that there's the odd sentence here and there (especially in my debut novel Blue Moon Rising). It's only natural for typos and punctuation errors to remain as well until there's a critical and professional eye going through every line, sifting them out.
So, while I'm working on Facing Shadows and Ebony Fight I hope there will be time (read: money) to start this editorial renovation of mine. :)

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