Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Whenever my body or my mind get a bit too restless, I go for a walk and take my camera with me. Inpiration is out there, in the world surrounding me. The wind rustling through the leaves and the sweet scents of summer on the air. The beauty of nature, of life grabs a hold of me, touches my heart - and sometimes I get lucky and manage to freeze a hint of that beauty in time.


Friday, July 18, 2014

Freebie Friday

Personally, I like Amazon's KDP Select program and the Free Book Promotion they offer.
I love giveaways  and freebies as much as any other reader, and as an author I have to admit there is power in them. It's not just about spreading the word, but generally to get a reader to read your book, and hopefully to like it. Though even if that should not be the case, I might learn from it.
So here are two of today's freebies:

Seasons by Mario Saincic
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Jessica Baxter leaves the city of Ft. Worth behind and accepts an offer to work on a wine farm on the Italian island of Sardinia. Excited at the prospect, she doesn't expect to get stranded on her first day. Her life takes a peculiar turn when a British architect reluctantly offers to help. 

Graeme Di Marco moved from the glamour of London in search of a peaceful life for his family. Soon after he arrives on the island, tragedy strikes and he ends up raising a high spirited six-year-old by himself. Not only is the guilt he carries for his wife's death all consuming, he now has to put up with an American that's full of sass. 

Graeme and Jess battle to get along, but little do they know that his father and daughter are playing cupid behind the scenes. Nastassja, the little girl, sprinkles her magic and the two of them soon fall in love; but will the memory of his loss drive them apart? 

Seasons is a story about finding love when you least expect it. Pain fades, but how long does it take for a tear to dry?


And my own Ivory Guard :)
Genre: (New Adult) Paranormal Romance

Life will make you stumble... 

One peaceful afternoon Lillian finds two angels in her living room - wings and gloriole and all - telling her she is an Ivory. Half human and half angel she is born to fight for humankind and to guard the hellholes where the membrane between worlds is at its weakest. She, an important warrior? Yeah, riiiight. 

Life can make you fall... 

Raz might be an angel but he doesn’t do compassion. His job is to train her, to make her a leader and that’s what he will do. So Lillian will just have to suck it up when she discovers the deadly truth behind his words. When she does exactly that, he has to admit there’s more to the bookworm than he thought. Much more. But there’s one thing he shouldn’t forget – in his world feelings come with a price. Is he willing to pay? 

Love will give you wings.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Time for an update!

I can't believe I only wrote one blog post last month! Shame on me. Though I have to say - in my defense - that summer has arrived in Ireland and the sun is calling out to enjoy it. 
Okay, the picture doesn't look that much like 'summer',
 but that's because it was already getting dark when I took it. ;)
And, of course, there is the usual problem...books to be read and books to be written and books to be planned. New and totally unexpected projects popped up and I'm very grateful - and utterly intrigued by them.

Now to the really important update...
Regarding Ebony Fight....
I know I announced the cover reveal for last month, but unfortunately the characters are kind of upsetting my plans by refusing to do what I would like them to do. 
*hiding my face* Please, don't hit me!
So believe me, I'm really sorry by the delay that will cause and I will keep you updated on how things will develop!