Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Time for an update!

I can't believe I only wrote one blog post last month! Shame on me. Though I have to say - in my defense - that summer has arrived in Ireland and the sun is calling out to enjoy it. 
Okay, the picture doesn't look that much like 'summer',
 but that's because it was already getting dark when I took it. ;)
And, of course, there is the usual problem...books to be read and books to be written and books to be planned. New and totally unexpected projects popped up and I'm very grateful - and utterly intrigued by them.

Now to the really important update...
Regarding Ebony Fight....
I know I announced the cover reveal for last month, but unfortunately the characters are kind of upsetting my plans by refusing to do what I would like them to do. 
*hiding my face* Please, don't hit me!
So believe me, I'm really sorry by the delay that will cause and I will keep you updated on how things will develop!

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