Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Complete Overhaul

Hi everyone....

After sharing some nice giveaways, I have even better news for you - the time has come for the complete overhaul. 

Honest and Brutal Edits will edit ALL of my books!

A big thank you to H and B Edits for working through the old ones (and the new ones to come), so that you, my dear readers, will have an even more enjoyable read ;)
We will start with the paperback version of Ivory Guard - yes, you heard right, Ivory Guard will soon come out in paperback format! - and then we will work through The Patroness novels.

By the way...this is what Ivory Guard (The Guard Duet #1) will look like:

I'm soooo looking forward to holding it in my hands. :)


  1. Excellent news :D
    And the paperback looks lovely - there's nothing quite like holding the solid version of your own work in your hands.

    1. Thank you, Deborah! :D
      I'm so happy that my budget finally allows me to get my books edited and that I found "Honest and Brutal Edits".