Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rhino Poaching...

Maybe you have heard about rhino poaching...but how many people really understand what it signifies?
A rhino's horn gets hacked off...okay. So what?
Well, the problem is that poachers are not the gentlest of beings...not only the horn but most of the rhino's face is brutally removed in the process. That is the sad but utterly real ‪‎truth‬.

Some people need numbers to get an idea of the problem...so here they are:
The Javan rhino is taking its last stand - as few as 40 remain in Ujung Kulon National Park in Indonesia.
As of December 2014 there are only 5 nothern white rhinos left on Earth - extinction is inevitable.
The Western black rhino is a species of African rhino that was last seen in 2006, and is now officially extinct

"Poaching, limited anti-poaching efforts and a failure of courts to hand down severe sentences to punish poachers are all blamed for the Western Black rhino's demise."
- Daily Mail 

This wildlife war may take place far away from your own home, BUT it concerns us all. It's OUR world we are talking about after all, and we are responsible for the magnificent creatures we share it with.

So: Help! 
Help save our rhinos!




If you would like to find out how you can help, visit Mario Saincic's blog. He fights rhino poaching with his books, and has a list of organisations that will be happy to receive some support.

"Africa is centre of a 'wildlife war' that the world is losing", published in The Guardian

Saturday, March 21, 2015


I'm writing again!

After having spent two months in Germany with my family, anxiously waiting for my visa application to be accepted...
After being whisked away to Chimp Eden and Kruger National Park the moment my feet touched African soil...
I finally am back to normal...am home...and am WRITING!

So...no time for a long blog posts. ;)
*waves and disappears behind her laptop again*