Friday, May 20, 2016

Don't give up...

There are moments in life that leave us with two options...
either giving up or to change our plan of action.

The last couple of months have left me facing such a decision with regards to my writing. For a lot of reasons I am unhappy and disappointed with the way the self-publishing movement has developed. In my opinion the market is flooded with self-published books...and to be honest readers are not as grateful as they once were. If an author gives a book away for free, readers would thank them with a review in return. feedback. More often than not a free book ends up forgotten on a shelf filled with to-read books that will probably never be touched in this lifetime.
It's a shame.

I started writing as a form of I do it for the pleasure of it. Still, writing a good novel is hard work which should at one point in life earn a reward of some sort. Even if it is just knowing that my book allowed one reader to switch off her everyday worries and relax for a while. But not even that bit of feedback is offered anymore.
I had a choice...either to give up. Let it all go, and try to get a 'real' job as they say. Or I could adjust and keep on fighting. 

A lot has changed in my life in the past two years. It all gives me the strength to choose to fight. I love to write. Even though despair tried to discourage me - and actually did for quite a while - I know now that the only thing to do is to keep on pushing. To keep on dreaming.
In today's world there are so many forces that try to bring you down, to demotivate...
do not listen to them!
If you have a dream, goal or a story in you - whatever it may be - if it makes you feel good and fills you with passion, pursue it! Focus on it and don't ever let it go! Push through the hard times, because it will lead you to the good ones.
For myself, it meant to adapt to the market today. I don't see a future in self-publishing anymore. Especially not if you are a new fish in that gigantic ocean and no one has yet noticed you. 
I have returned to the old ways and will rather try my luck with an agent.
The chances are probably as slim as winning the lottery, but I feel better about myself for trying. 

I won't give up.
And I hope you won't either!