Tuesday, August 2, 2016

"Envy" by Sandra Brown


by Sandra Brown


Published August 29th 2002 by Piatkus Books (first published 1999)

Mystery, Suspense

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After reading a tantalizing, partial manuscript by a writer only identified by three initials, book editor Maris Matherly-Reed knows she must find the author.
She manages to track down Parker Evans, and is riveted by his tale of two friends who chater a boat with a young woman for an excursion...from which only one of them returns.

Envy is in parts also a book within a book, which had me utterly intrigued.
The story unfolds at a perfect pace, giving you crumbs to jump on and twists that knock the breath out of you.
Along with Maris the reader has to solve a puzzle of deceit and murder to understand a story of retribution and redemption...but most of all envy.