Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The good...and the sad...

South Africa is a beautiful country. There's no doubt about that.
The people, the landscape that can change from one minute to the's incredible and breath-taking. Spring is in the air, but not in sight. The brush of colors is missing because the rain hasn't come yet, just like last year. 

Even knowing that South Africa is suffering from the worst drought it has seen in the last century, I was shocked when we visited the Kruger National Park. It looked like the setting of a post-apocalyptic story, not the lush home of Africa's magnificent creatures I'd visited almost two years ago.

The trees were white skeletal branches as if a fire had raged through and left them behind. Silent statues of death. We saw few animals. Among them a herd of elephant circled a dead baby lying on the ground. They huddled close while mourning their loss.

We shouldn't be sad. Some might say it's nature, that's the way of things. 
I understand. 
However, what makes me angry is that this circle of life wouldn't feel so bad if I didn't know that an elphant dies every 15 minutes in Africa - due to poaching. The same goes for rhinos and lions in the wild...we are losing enough animals as it is. 
In the end, it's not nature that upsets me, it's the destructiveness of mankind.

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