Friday, December 16, 2016

Ludwig's Roses

If you want roses, you get them at Ludwig's. 

I've heard this sentence about a hundred times since coming to South Africa, so needless to say that I was very curious to go visit this renowned rose farm.

December 16th - the time had arrived. 

That day, a public holiday here in SA, Ludwig himself offered a walk among his unique creations and explained everything you wanna know about roses. It was the perfect finally see the beautiful flowers I had heard so much about. And, of course, to spend quality time with my husband. 
So, off we went.

Turns out, Ludwig is actually from East Germany, just like me. Even though we tried to chat a bit in our native tongue, we quickly switched back to English, as if in silent agreement to honor the country we both now called home.

The day was perfect.
Roses sweetened the air despite suffering from a drought that had the country in a tight grip. 

I was stunned to stroll among hundreds of new creations that didn't even have a name yet.

Led into tents filled with a refreshing mist, I watched in awe as workers prepared new stems for rooting and cutting. Ludwig, ever proud and patient, explained the incredible and sometimes unsuccesful process of filtering traits when creating new roses.

Whether you are a tourist or a local, be sure to make Ludwig's Roses an experience to remember.

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