Monday, April 24, 2017

It's good to be back!

I'm back home. 
What more can I say?

Prayers have been answered and I'm wrapped in my husband's arms...two months sooner than we had ever imagined. 

Thanks to the wonderfully quick work at the embassy in Berlin. Yay!!!

Happily at home in our garden, I hold my husband's hand while I take in all the changes.  
The flowers that had started to blossom while I was away. Chilli plants, only seedlings before I left, have turned into bushes full of buds.

My man went and planted new flowers for me. Bless him!
Their faces look so happy in the sun.

A glass of wine in hand, I relax on the garden bench and admire our cat. He is not even a year old yet, but boy has he grown. And gotten heavy while I was away. Amazing what a difference two months can make.
While the cat is still giving me the cold shoulder for leaving him soooo long, our doggy is bouncing like a yoyo around me, happy to see his human mama. Man, they are adorable. Life would be dull without them.

It's these little things that I missed.

Dancing in the kitchen...
That pinch that tickles the nose when my man is making his famous chilli sauce...
Watching our pets do all sorts of silly things...
Baking and filling our home with the sweet scent of vanilla...

One thing is for matter what life throws at us, 
we'll keep on taking pleasure in the little things. 
And we'll keep chasing the sunset.
Our sunset.

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