About me

...Or the Story of a Wanderer who has finally found her Home     

If someone wanted a detailed play-by-play of my life, I would have to start with the fact that the country I was born in doesn't exist anymore. It says GDR (German Democratic Republic) on the bottom of my birth certificate. Yep, I was born behind the Wall but can't remember that time. It is more accurate and enough to say that I grew up in a unified Germany where in some places, or minds, invisible walls still existed.

I can't say when it happened or even if it ever happened, since it feels like it was there all along, but one thing's for sure: I have the travel bug.
In German it's called "Fernweh" and I find it to be more accurate. "Weh" means ache. And that's what it is. Your heart, your soul, your whole being aches to be...somewhere that is everywhere but not here. But somehow that one word also implies a longing, a love. "Fernweh", it squeezes your heart and makes it difficult to breathe until you go. 
I remember being twelve years old and wanting desperately to see Canada or Australia or Ireland...well, the list was long. I wanted to wander the world and see what was out there. Places and their people called to me, ready to be explored. 

Much like the travel bug, the love for words has always been there but is a lot easier to satisfy. I have practically inhaled books since I was old enough to read, and love to make up stories and characters in my head. In my early teens I started to read books in English because most of the time it was the language they were orginally written in.

After graduation I finally did it. I packed my suitcases and went to the Netherlands. I learned Dutch, went to university and sailed the Ijsselmeer from one lovely town to the next. Though some time later my feet started itching again, and I went to France. There I discovered another aspect of my love for words and started writing as a form of escape and therapy.
I guess, in the heart every reader and writer is a gypsy. Books are just another form of traveling, of wandering worlds, seeing places and finding friends - reason might say it's just a story but the heart feels it's true.

That first try resulted in Blue Moon Rising.

Again and again, the itchy feet.
I listened to my heart. Ireland. And I was off, answering the call of the unknown. There, surrounded by the sea, green hills and wonderful, new-found friends, I wondered. What have I been searching for? A place where I am understood and where my heart is at peace? A place I can call home?

Out of nowhere the answer came quite promply and unexpectedly. One word changed everything and turned my life upside down. My heart cried out once more. I took the risk, because that's what makes you face yourself...and find yourself. 
South Africa...it's where I found my love and home.

"Sometimes, home has a heartbeat."
- Beau Taplin