Did you grow up bilingually? Or why do you write in English?
No, I didn't, I just love English. :) 
I learned it in school (starting at the age of 10) and by the time I turned 13 I started reading books in English (Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban was my first)...it was a challenge and just more fun. Usually it's also the language the books are originally written in and therefore it feels more...authentic to me. 
Writing my books in English is just another challenge...however, to be honest it comes almost naturally to me - weird and not always grammatically correct though it is. ;)

Where can I buy your books?
My books are available on Amazon. Please check out the 'My Books' page at the top of the site. The link will lead you to each series, and within each series there are links to purchase the books.

What is Ivory Guard about?
Ivory Guard will be a slight change in genre for me since it is a New Adult paranormal romance that tells the story of Lillian, a half-human and half-angel who finds out that she is a warrior in the everlasting fight between good and evil. She will have to learn the hard way that this new world is nothing like she expected and that there seems to be no place for her growing feelings for a dark angel. 
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When is Ebony Fight (The Guard Duet, #2) coming out?
Ebony Fight was released January 31, 2016.