"Ivory Guard" by Natalie Herzer

Ivory Guard (The Guard Duet #1)
by Natalie Herzer
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel
Age category: New Adult
Release Date: February 5, 2014

Life will make you stumble...
One peaceful afternoon Lillian finds two angels in her living room - wings and gloriole and all - telling her she is an Ivory. Half human and half angel she is born to fight for humankind and to guard the hellholes where the membrane between worlds is at its weakest.
She, an important warrior? Yeah, riiiight.

Life can make you fall...
Raz might be an angel but he doesn’t do compassion. His job is to train her, to make her a leader and that’s what he will do. So Lillian will just have to suck it up when she discovers the deadly truth behind his words. When she does exactly that, he has to admit there’s more to the bookworm than he thought. Much more. But there’s one thing he shouldn’t forget – in his world feelings come with a price. Is he willing to pay?
Love will give you wings.

"This novel is very approachable and imaginative. Herzer’s writing style is very welcoming and draws you in from the beginning. ... Herzer throws you for some completely unexpected loops on this journey but it is a journey that I wouldn’t miss for anything and one that I can’t wait to continue."


      Her mind and body told her that she’d barely closed her eyes as firm shaking awoke her again. “Get up and pull on some sweats.”
     Lillian mumbled something incoherently and turned onto her other side, snuggling back into the warmth of sleep. The next moment she yelped as her sleeping bag was abruptly pulled open and cold air kissed her bare legs.
     “What the hell?” Her searching eyes were wild until they found the source of disturbance. Raz.
      The angel stood in her room with a too happy grin on his face and arms folded across his chest, dressed in black sweatpants and tank. “Your training starts today. What did you expect?”
      Oh, maybe a snatch of sleep? After all that happened Lillian had thought it wasn’t too much to ask for. Apparently she’d been wrong. A glance out the window as she sat up confirmed her suspicions that the sun was barely flirting with the horizon, and she had to stifle a groan.
      “Come on, get up and get moving!”
      God, he was such a pain in the ass. She got up and stumbled over to her duffle bag to grab her sweats. Apparently satisfied that she would obey his commands he went back downstairs.
      “Coffee!” she yelled after him.
      “We don’t have any,” he yelled right back.
       Now there was a definite hint of desperation in her voice, “WHAT?”
       This day got worse with every word he said.
      After she’d slipped into her sneakers and tied her hair up in a messy bun Lillian ran after him and into the kitchen. “What do you mean we don’t have any? What the hell did you go into the store for?”
      He looked at her as if she had gone mad and didn’t have some good arguments on her side. “Salt, pepper and cereals. You can have a bowl when we get back.”
     Her jaw very nearly hit the floor. “Oh wow, how gracious of you.” After staring at him for about a full minute, she shook her head. “Raz. We’ll have to work on this. The mornings, I mean. You drag me out of bed at who knows what abnormally early hour. Okay. I can do that. Training, that’s what we’re here for, so I can do that as well. But the rest? No. You want anything from me before the sun is up, you better have a cup of coffee in your hand. And,” she walked up to the counter against which he was leaning and grabbed the box of cereals he had referred to. It was the healthy kind, not the sugary variety. Ugh. “I need sugar, which means this won’t do.”
      He seemed to think it over. “Earn it.”
     “Come again?”
     “Earn the coffee and the sugar by adding half a mile to the daily jog.”
      Lillian shrugged and smiled. “Okay.”
      She should have asked for more details before settling on his offer. Her smile was a thing of the past over half an hour later as she ran behind the angel. In her mind he was leaving a cartoon-like dust trail - in the clouds of which she suffocated. 

About the Author

I'm a 26 year old aspiring indie author, suffering from itchy feet which recently carried me to Ireland.

Much like my beloved travel bug, my love for words has always been there, but is thankfully a lot easier to satisfy. When I'm not off wandering my own imaginary worlds, I love to curl up on the couch and get lost in a good book.

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