"Shadow Touched" by Lilou Roux

Shadow Touched (Shadow Roamer #1)
by Lilou Roux
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Age category: (New) Adult
Release Date: April 20, 2014

They are the shadows.
They are the inbetween…neither day nor night but existing in both.
They guard and fight to keep the two worlds and their creatures apart.

Stella has always had a weakness for the dark so much so that she craves it like her next breath. While her friends would laugh at her weird moods, she has never felt anything more invigorating than sitting in lonely darkness. But one night, as restlessness strikes again, she finds herself face to face with a less peaceful facet
night has to offer…

Making sure that humans stay to the light and darker creatures to the night, is a job he revels in. Until he meets Stella. Nero has never met a woman like her and soon realizes why: she is a Halfling; half shadow and half human, and an evidence of illicit interactions that is usually destroyed at birth, if not before. Nero knows the rules all too well but forbidden desire runs hot and before he knows it he pleads the King for four weeks.

Four weeks during which he has to train her.
Four weeks to show them that there is enough shadow inside of her…so that she may live.

About the Author

Lilou Roux is a nom de plume of an indie author with a penchant for romance and erotica.

Her first paranormal romance series Moon Claimed just hit the Kindle bookshelves and now she enjoys working on her next installement in the paranormal romance series Shadow Roamer

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